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LVT Buying Guide

Choosing LVT Design Flooring from Carpet Mills

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring is one of the most popular choice for the discerning home owner, It combines the look and appeal of natural flooring but with the convenience, versatility and practicality of vinyl.

Designed to look like real wood or stone, LVT not only looks like the real thing but feels just like it too. with the grain of wood and the worn surface of stone virtualyy replicated, its only when you feel the comfort, warmth and quietness under foot that you realise its clever reproduction,

If you're looking for the convenience of Vinyl flooring with a little more luxury and durability then LVT Flooring from Carpet Mills is the perfect choice, It is waterproof, versatile and looks fantastic.

Which room?

LVT Flooring is ideal for any room in the home that you would like natural wood, stone or ceramic flooring, it's ideal for kitchens where spills can easily be wiped away, bathrooms where it's waterproof qualities are necessary and hallways and conservatories where the outdoors comes inside, but equally the warmth and softness of LVT means that it can work equally as well in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where it can provide stylish and practical alternative to carpets.

Click or Stick down

There are two types of LVT Flooring, one has a click system which means the planks or tiles are clicked together on installation similar to a laminate floor, The other type is a glue down product which is stuck down to a sub floor on installation,

They both have their merits and its important to understand the features and benefits of both to make the right choice for you and your home, 

Stick down LVT Flooring - is fitted by gluing the flooring directly to the sub floor, this means the flooring performs well in all areas of the home, including high temperature areas such as conservatories as by gluing the flooring down will reduce the LVT to shrink and contract with the different temperature variations,

The other benefit is visual as co-ordinating feature strips can be glued in between planks and tiles to create some fantastic design effects such as borders and grout lines, this is a more permanent option of LVT Flooring.

Click LVT Flooring - The main benefit of the click option is that is much quicker to install than glue down and it can be laid on several different types of sub floor as long as it is even,

Get it right from the start

LVT Flooring should be installed by a professional flooring installer for the best results, 

LVT Flooring can be laid over most types of subfloor and used in conjunction with underfloor heating, although the sub floor may need preparation prior to install especially with the glue down option, The click option is fitted over a specific LVT underlay.

Keep it looking good

LVT Flooring is easy to keep clean and in good condition, it can be swept with a broom and cleaned with a mop using cleaning products designed for use on this type of flooring, Bleach or washing up liquid should not be used,

To help reduce the amount of grit and dirt carried in from outside, its a good idea to place a non rubber based mat in doorways, 

If you have heavy furniture, use cups or castors to spread the weight and avoid indentations on the flooring, Do not drag or slide furniture across the floor as this could mark the surface.