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Vinyl Buying Guide

Choosing Vinyl,

Vinyl flooring can offer a good quality, cost effective and versatile choice for many rooms in your home,

At Carpet Mills we have a wide variety of designs and colours and a choice of qualities to suit any budget, It is no surprise that our vinyl remains a popular choice for flooring,

Which room,

Vinyl flooring is water resistant, provides good insulation and is available in a wide range of designs and patterns, from natural wood and stone finishes to more unusual and innovative designs that will compliment almost any decor,

It's water resistant qualities and ease of cleaning make vinyl flooring an ideal choice for kitchens, bathooms, utility rooms and conservatories, 

Right from the start,

We recommend having your new vinyl flooring profesionally fitted.

As with most flooring, preperation is vital, before installation you must ensure the sub-floor is flat and even, the cleaner and smoother the sub-floor the better your new vinyl will look, we can help advise with this with our free estimating service, As vinyl is a soft and flexible flooring, any contours underneath the flooring will show through, so it may be necessary for the floor to be smoothed with ply or screeded to remove any bumps and lumps, 

Keep it looking good

Vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean, vacuuming regularly or brushing with a soft broom should be complimented with mopping when required, you can also prevent the build up of dirt by using barrier mats at doorways which will help keep out the majority of dirt and dust,

Vinyl flooring has a soft surface that can be damaged by sharp objects, Heavy furniture will benefit from castors if the legs are narrow to alleviate some of the pressure on the floor, also, you should avoid dragging furniture across the floor as this can rip or lift the vinyl as well as mark it.

Dealing with life's little accidents   

The best way to deal with spillages is to clean them straight away using a wet mop, most spillages and stains swill clean off quickly, but some may persist, possibly becoming dried on the surface which will make it harder to remove,